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Our Favorite New Tool in the Kitchen

It’s rare that a new kitchen gadget becomes so in demand as quickly as the Galley Sink. Turns out, this was the design we never knew we needed- but now we can’t live without. So simple and so practical- we’ve all been wondering why this design hasn’t existed forever. We love that it’s functional without sacrificing style- as it elegantly compliments our custom kitchen designs.

Galley Sink has become a catch-all phrase for larger kitchen sinks and prep sinks that include all sorts of accessories that make life easier, but it’s actually a name brand- designed, engineered and crafted in the US. 

The Galley Sink has two interior tracks where you can slide cutting boards, drying racks and colanders from left to right. There are countless options- you can add dry docks, corner units, and double sinks as well. It’s available in beautiful finishes such as American Walnut and Graphite Composite. 

Many clients who have been concerned they were giving up counter space by installing a large sink have been pleasantly surprised that the Galley Sink has made their countertop even more efficient.  

At MJ Martin, we customize each kitchen cabinet to incorporate appliances and specific sink layouts, so even if you choose the 6' long double faucet model, we can design the perfect cabinet surround.

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