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All the Shiny New Things

If you have a travel bug like I do, you probably notice that hotels can transport you to another world- both literally and figuratively. Whether it's a completely neutral spa drenched in inviting textures or a loud eclectic mix of juxtaposing styles, hotels really have the ability to send it when it comes to choosing a specific aesthetic.

Modern, organic hotel lobby design
The incredible ME Hotel, designed by the iconic Zaha Hadid

Photo Credit: ME Hotel, Architect: Zaha Hadid

They can go all-out because- while you might tire such a bold choice if you lived with it every day- you might really love it for a few days during your stay.

Bold graphic patterns at the Doha Hotel
Marcel Wanders dominating scale and pattern mix

Photo Credit: Doha Hotel / Marcel Wanders

The product choices that hospitality designers make quickly make their way into the current trends that homeowners reimagine in their own homes.

Every fall, New York City hosts Boutique Design NY, a trade show where hospitality products are introduced, shown off, and gobbled up by interior designers ready to put their eyes on all the new things.

Pink bathroom with metal tub
Morocco is the perfect place to explore color.

Photo Credit: El Fenn, Morocco/ Kasia Gatkowski

We have pulled some of our favorites to share below- and inspire your new renovations. Get ready for lots of color!

  • We've gone from Nickel to Bronze and back again, but this year Roca introduced its new Nu collection and it changes everything. Similar to how you may choose a neutral sofa and then spice it up with great toss pillows, now you can choose the quiet luxury of marble and then add the drama with bright color faucets. Glossy green blue and yellow! We expect to see a lot more color in 2024.

  • It's no exaggeration to say that LEDs have been completely transformational when it comes to lighting design. We think Edison himself would be blown away by this next item. While Murano glass may not be everyone's cup of tea, we can appreciate that a heritage glass company such as Murano, and designer Marcantonio for Multiforme is blurring the lines between a bulb itself and a finished chandelier.

Each light is made by hand in the Murano studio and totally reimagines the iconic light bulb.

  • Cement tiles are also transformative in how they can introduce graphic design into high-traffic areas such as bathroom floors. Cost-effective and durable, we think we will see more and more demand. These new collections from product designer Aime Wilder throw pattern and movement into smaller areas- making a big impact.

  • Digital printing has also been transformative in wallpaper coverings. Waterproof durability is huge in bathrooms and mudrooms. Since these rooms tend to be separate from open living areas, clients can have lots of fun being a bit more daring than they might in a larger space. DeGournay continues to make the most spectacular hand-painted silk wallpaper.

Photo Credit: DeGournay However, large format printing also allows for larger repeats, so we are seeing murals make a comeback- but this time instead of being hand-painted, they are created digitally. We love the impact of this one below- Blue Wiggles from Rebel Walls

This wild print from Graham & Brown would energize a simple marble bath.

Or you could really let your imagination run wild and let a company like Photowall transform one of your own images into a digital mural. The sky's the limit! (I couldn't resist the pun. Sorry.)

Well- I am clearly letting these day days go to my head as I search out color everywhere! I know some of these will seem over-the-top, but it's very exciting to see how new technologies will continue to transform how we design kitchens and baths. If you have a favorite hotel you've stayed and want to replicate- send us some photos and let's get started!

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