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Use Your Imagination

Here at MJ Martin, we have a lot of discussions about how to personalize each kitchen we design. Much of this comes from listening closely to our client's needs regarding functionality and aesthetics. But when we get beyond the "I have a giant mixer" or "I want clean lines and soft close drawers", how do we really make it unique to each home?

With our own workshop in East Hartford, one way we make sure we never create the same kitchen twice is by integrating antiques into our floor plans. There is such tremendous value in antiques right now. Yes- "brown" furniture may have gone out of favor, but whether it's a fresh coat of paint, updating the interior drawers, or adjusting the legs, it's safe to say you can find better options than scrolling online for something of lesser quality. It just takes a little legwork (no pun intended) and some imagination.

Photo Credit: Holland Avenue Home

Each cabinet we design is custom made-to-order (not boxed and ready-to-assemble). So, we can easily create a new run of cabinets will all the modern amenities that will seamlessly integrate into antique pieces- whether it's a family heirloom or a piece that you ask us to scout out for you.

Photo Credit: Tribal

While armoires were originally used to store armor and weapons, in the 16th century they were reinvented as beautiful, yet practical storage solutions. In Europe, where older homes rarely ever have the storage needed for today's residents, armoires, wardrobes and cupboards are frequently still found today.

We have also seen a resurgence of farm tables as kitchen islands. While you can find plenty of new options made to look old- the genuine article is so, so much better. The amazing island below is the focal piece of this simple white kitchen. We can image that the interior designer flipped out when they came across this piece. It is true what they say- they just don't make things like they used to.

Plus, isn't in fun when someone comments on a vintage piece and you have a fun story about it?

Photo Credit: Liz Marie Galvan

Upper cabinets are having a moment, too. The vintage pieces below are beautiful and functional and sure to get a zillion compliments from guests.

Since it's rare to find a vintage piece in perfect condition, our workshop can restore found or inherited pieces, making sure they function as well as new cabinets.

Photo Credit: SF Grl by Bay

Below- a few of our favorites that are available now.

"This vintage cupboard is full of character, with its beautifully hand-painted ornamentation. Skillfully hand painted details are reminiscent of antique Hungarian, German or Swedish designs." @

This cupboard below is so amazing I'm trying to rationalize going over to the UK to pick it up.

"Late 19th Century English cupboard made by Addison Ltd, Wellington, Salop. A classic company of the Industrial Revolution, Addison produced furniture and benches often used in railways."

It's available on the never-ending inspiration source,

Perhaps scrolling through here has inspired you to rethink a family heirloom that's been collecting dust in the basement...

Let us know how we can help you bring a magical older piece to life!


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