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Our design team balances the creative

element with proper function to give

you the unmistakable feeling of quality.

"Between every two trees is a

doorway to a new world."


― John Muir

The M.J. Martin Difference


There are two sides of design. Creative – the overall vision of the design. Technical – the way a piece fits & finishes into a room. Most kitchen and bath firms have never built anything, therefore lacking experience in the technical aspect of the design which is blatantly obvious when you walk into a room. Our design team balances the creative element with a proper fit & finish resulting in the unmistakable feeling of quality.

We are not a huge showroom where you pick kitchen A, B, or C but an intimate design studio where ideas are exchanged and evolve until your kitchen, bathroom or custom renovation is a representation of your individuality.

What We Do

We help our clients express themselves through design with a personalized kitchen, bathroom or other interior room while supplying quality cabinetry that meets their budget and style.

  • On site measurements to ensure your project is measured and designed properly

  • Full scale drawings to establish a clear line of communication to all members of the project 

  • Complete room layout & design  

  • Design consultation to assist with color palette, countertops, backsplash, flooring, hardware, etc.

  • 3D renderings and virtual walk throughs 

  • Turn key design, build, installation


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We want to learn everything we can about your project! Give us a call, shoot us an email, or fill out our project questionnaire at the bottom of the page to get the process started. Get excited, we're excited!

If you're feeling a little lost and looking for a good starting point, establishing a budget is one of the most important things you can do before starting a project.


We want to help! Use our friendly budget calculator located under our 'Services' tab at the top of the page to help you get things started.  


If you have detailed drawings and specifications from your builder, architect, contractor, or your own, we will provide an estimate free of charge.


If you do not have detailed drawings for an initial concept, for a small fee we will visit your home, discuss your project in detail, take accurate measurements and provide an initial 3-dimensional concept drawing & estimate

The review of any drawings and estimates is done at our showroom at your convenience. 

Our design drawings represent work that we have done for you, as such we do not turn over drawings/estimates either in person or electronically until a deposit has been made

If you decide to choose us for your project, the fee to visit your home will be deducted from your final invoice

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Image by Aaron Huber


If you like what we have shown you and wish to proceed,

we request 10% of your estimated project cost as deposit to bring the design to completion and secure a spot in our schedule for production and installation. 


Once a deposit has been secured, you will have full access to our designers and our showroom at your convenience to help finalize your design  

A plan is supplied with every designed space which includes:

  • Scaled and dimensioned elevations and floor plans.

  • Fitting and notations of appliance sizes and model numbers.

  • Specific installation notes.

  • Countertop layout.

These plans will help maintain open and clear communication between all members working on your project throughout all phases of the design and build


Once we finalize the design, we will present you with a final project outline and cost, minus the home fee and design deposit. Because the cabinetry being built is unique to your style and designed specifically to fit your space, we ask for 50% of the quoted project cost before it will be sent to production, with the remaining balance due at the time your cabinetry ships.

We are happy to make as many changes as needed up to this point to make your project exactly what you want. Once your project is sent to production, we cannot guarantee that any requested changes can be made so it is important that we spend as much time as possible to secure your design decisions before that point.   

Going Over Plans
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Once your project is sent to production we will keep you updated on its status with follow up communications including emails, texts, phone calls, and pictures every step of the way


In the meantime, this is a great opportunity for those who request additional assistance with other selections for their project

We can assist with color palette, countertops, backsplash, flooring, hardware, etc.


For additional design consultation, this service is available at an hourly rate and billed on a weekly basis 

Let us know what additional assistance you may need with your project and we’ll provide you with an estimated cost of services

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