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Heighten Your Space With Our Countertops

Handcrafted Wood Countertops

What sets us apart from others making wood countertops and work surfaces is our dedication to quality.

For over 20 years, we have been sought-after for custom cabinetry and furniture. That same craftsmanship- joinery, wood selection, sanding, and finishing goes into each one of our wood surfaces.

With the highest grade materials and a keen eye for detail, we can deliver consistent, quality products to our clients every time.

Our Wood Countertops Vs. "Butcher Block"

We often get requests from customers looking for a "butcher block" countertop. The term "butcher block" refers to the layout of the wood in regard to its grain as well as its use. They were originally found in butcher shops and made of hard maple and either had an edge grain or end grain orientation. Most of the "butcher block" countertops available today are comprised of thin, random length edge grain boards of vastly varying color that are finger jointed and blended together to make a top. Think of your hardwood floors as a countertop, with skinnier pieces of wood. This type of top is the attempt of larger production facilities to mass produce a product without any attention to detail or craftsmanship. They are sold without finish, and only come in standard sized widths and lengths. What you get is an inferior product they refer to as "butcher block".   

MJ Martin Wood Countertops

We are proud to say that this is not how we do wood countertops. Our tops are "plank style", meaning the flat face grain of a board is visible in our tops. The planks run the full length of the top and are anywhere from 3"-8" in width on average. There are NO butt joints like the big box store tops. The real beauty and warmth of the wood is most visible in this style of top. It also has a more consistent and uniform color. Each top is designed to your exact specifications, hand-made in CT with sustainably sourced, hand selected lumber, and fabricated with food-safe adhesives and finishes.  

Types of Wood Countertops

Today's "Butcher Block"

Butcher Block Garbage.jpg


Edge Grain

Edge Grain Countertop.jpg

Mass produced version of a wood countertop. Blended, varying length strips with greatest color variation. No custom sizes. We DO NOT make this style of top.

Our standard of excellence in a wood top. Face grain planks 3-8" in width running the full length of the top. Custom built to size. Greatest display of woods natural beauty and warmth. 

1 1/4" - 1 3/4" wide strips of edge grain running the full length of the top. Very uniform and consistent grain pattern with straight lines. Available upon request at an additional charge. 


These are just a handful of the wood choices we have available.We have a full display of large format samples available in our showroom in a variety of species and finishes.


We finish all of our countertops in house and only use Green Guard Certified finishes for air quality in your home.

Furniture Finish

Our most popular finish.
a durable, beautiful, 2 part conversion varnish used on dry island tops, table tops, and work surfaces.

  • Available in all sheens. Our standard is 'Dull', but there is nothing dull about it- Elegant pearl finish with the slightest sheen.

  • Food safe, excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals 

Waterproof Finish

When our waterproof finish is un-compromised, standing water will not harm it.

  • Standard on any top getting a sink or in a designated wet area such as a bathroom, outdoor bar, or kitchen

  • Also available in all sheens

  • Food safe, superior resistance to moisture and excellent resistance to chemicals

Oil And Wax Finish

Ideal for workspaces designated for food prep and where cutlery will used directly on the surface

  • Mineral oil and natural beeswax combination finish

  • Easy to reapply as needed depending on your use

  • Will not ever crack, chip, or peel

  • Year supply provided with every top purchased 

  • Food safe, good resistance to moisture and good resistance to chemicals 

How to Order

3 ways to make it happen:

Give us a call at (860) 577-5311 with a brief description and size. We will give a rough estimate over the phone.

We always recommend seeing a sample in person before deciding. Stop into our showroom at 851 Middlesex Turnpike, Old Saybrook, CT  to see samples and receive your quote in person.

Fill out the form below with your questions and project inquiries and we can get started on your estimates!



Ready To Transform Your Home?

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