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The Best Islands (October Edition)

Whenever I write about kitchen islands, I get "Islands in the Stream" by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers stuck in my head (and maybe yours now, too...)

The irony is that while the message of the song is about two people wanting to run away together, kitchen islands are all about bringing the entire party into the kitchen. Legend has it that Frank Lloyd Wright is responsible for evolving the modern kitchen island into a place where cooks can actually have their guests nearby while they cook.

According to a recent National Kitchen and Bath report, kitchen islands are the #1 priority when it comes to kitchen design.

So... we started a monthly roundup of some of our favorite islands. We hope they inspire you!

photo credit: Cambria

designer: Amy Meier photo credit: Annie Schlechter

designer: Kelly Wearstler photo credit: Eric Piasecki

designer: Raphael LeBerre and Thomas Vevaud photo credit:: Stephen Juillard

photo credit: Nathan Schroeder, Veranda magazine

designer: HundleyHilton photo credit:: Lauren Glenn

designer: Herlong Architects

designer: Gil Schaefer photo credit:: Eric Piasecki

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