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A Trend That's Not a Trend

The beauty of creating a custom kitchen is that you can specify every last detail to be exactly what you want. The difficult part is figuring out exactly what you want!

Like any worthwhile project, the more prep time you put into the plan, the more unique and special the outcome will be. We have found green kitchen cabinets inspiring many of our current clients- as they ponder what their kitchen means to them- organic, fresh, bold, individual, thoughtful.

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With that being said, the team at MJ Martin doesn’t follow every design trend that comes our way. Building a new kitchen is a large expense and we know our clients want to enjoy their kitchens for decades. However, we celebrate the bold kitchens below for two reasons.

One is that we believe that bringing elements of nature into your design isn’t necessarily a trend. The Covid years made us realize more than ever that getting outside and enjoying trails and beaches was one of the best remedies for feeling isolated at home.

Paul Massey

A second reason we think green kitchens are more than just a fad is that green is one of the most evocative colors. A bright spring green will feel energetic and breezy, while a moody forest green may inspire you to cosy up with a cup or tea.

Architectural Digest

As opposites on the color wheel, green kitchens can help to even out red tones in wood floors or brick walls, and often find great complimentary colors in stone and metals. Copper and brick can be especially difficult to pair, and a wide range of greens can bring out the best in both.

If the idea of a calming sage green kitchen cabinet would highlight your home, or if a bold emerald green would quickly draw you in the kitchen, know that we can customize your cabinets to any color. Our Mouser cabinetry line has also just added two new greens to their color palette.

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