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Rough Around the Edges

Last fall, we invested in a CNC Machine for our East Hartford workshop. It’s something we’ve wanted for a while, and the cool tricks it can perform did not disappoint!

(Here's Dave programming in a new design)

One of the designs we are really excited about is the CNC’s ability to mimic “live edge” detailing for our custom wood countertops. Traditionally, to get a live edge, you’d have to take a trip out to a lumberyard and hand-select boards, all the while hoping that nature would have grown exactly the piece you want for your countertop. This is neither efficient nor practical, but it sure does look great when you find a match!

Now, we are able to sketch out exactly what design would work best for a custom piece, down to the curve of the countertop and the angles of the live edge. We can input this geometry into the CNC machine and deliver exactly what we’ve specified to our clients. No worrying, or added expenses for a trip to a lumber yard!

The end result is custom tailored to its unique surroundings, which as much or a little detailing as the client prefers, at a much more budget friendly price!

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