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Christmas is in the Kitchen!

No matter how large your home, or how many other rooms are decorated for the holidays, everyone always ends up in the kitchen, right? Elle Decor magazine has rounded up some fantastic ways to decorate the busiest room in the house- all of which are easy to do and won't get in the way of the hors d'oeuvres!

1) Create a Centerpiece

Treat your island to the same special treatment you would give your dining table. You can create interest with neutral colors and layered texture, or go wild with colorful flowers and bows- whatever will make you smile as you are baking dozens upon dozens of cookies...

2) Tie it with a Bow

There are endless options when it comes to decorating with textiles. We love the understated but festive look also created by Citrine Living, below.

3) Light It Up

To incorporate holiday design but also keep all the needed counterspace, look to the pendant lights or chandeliers! In addition to an unexpected pop of color, the garlands can also add cozy shadows throughout the room. The beautiful photo below is from Gatehouse Style.

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